FAQs and things to know about the property:

Most people enjoy the natural beauty and seclusion of the area. The 45 acres that make up the Aspen Ridge property and the surrounding areas are quite remote and very densely wooded. Naturally, there are some significant differences between this secluded property and cities in which you may be coming to us from. Things to keep in mind:

  • Cell Phone Coverage – Aspen Ridge’s elevation is higher than most of the surrounding areas, therefore we do get some cell phone reception on the property, however once you leave the property there won’t be any cell phone reception for at least a couple of miles. AT&T and T-Mobile work pretty well on our property and usually work inside the cabins. There is NO land line, but we do provide an AT&T cell phone in each cabin for our guests to use! ($150 fee for lost or broken phones) Don’t expect Verizon and other carriers to work well, but they can typically send and receive text messages and sometimes make calls. Best coverage is close to the entry gate.
  • Getting here – Feathers road is a gravel road that has several hills that may require 4 wheel drive during winter months. We strongly recommend traveling in a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Keep your speed up in order to help make it up these hills. If you drive too slowly up the hill you might spin your tires and create ruts in the gravel. This road gets maintenance regularly and is cleared of snow when needed.
    • DO NOT RELY ON GPS! Some cell phone GPS’s and “Tom Tom’s” will have you take roads that do not exist. This happens with many locations in Hocking Hills. “Garmin,” “Google Maps” and the “Waze” app should be mostly accurate. We recommend downloading the map of the hocking hills area on your phone or GPS, this may help you navigate to local attractions.
    • Read our written directions that come in the emails you will recieve, watch the youtube video, & scroll down to the bottom of our home page to see exactly where we are located.
  • Firewood – As with most cabin rental companies, we do not routinely supply guests with fire wood or lighters. There are many locations throughout the area to stop to purchase pre-cut, dry wood for your use in building fires. Also, for indoor use, we recommend DuraFlame logs to help light and keep your fire going longer. (We occasionally do have some firewood available on the property, call ahead for details)
  • WIFI– No Wi-Fi is offered at our cabins. Please venture out and enjoy being surrounded by nature! (We would have to take down many trees to get a line of site for satellite internet) If you have AT&T or T-MOBILE you might be able to turn on YOUR cell phone’s hot spot.
  • Pests / Pollen / Leaves – We get each cabin treated for pests on a regular basis. When visiting our property, please remember you are deep in the middle of the woods, sometimes bugs happen. Spray yourself with bug spray when you go outside when in season and know that we cannot prevent all insects from getting back into the cabin. Decks do get sprayed and swept off, but sometimes within hours of cleaning more pollen in the spring and/or leaves in the fall can get onto the cabin.
  • Privacy – The Aspen Ridge property is tucked back off of a private drive in a secluded woods. Your stay should be uninterrupted by traffic and you can expect to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. There are 3 cabins that we rent out on the same 45 acre property all located off of 1 road. The first cabin you will see past our gate is just used for personal storage & it has a small barn located next to it. The Blue Ash and Cardinal Cabin are approximately within 100 yards from each-other down this road. The Getaway is another ¼ mile down the road past the Cardinal.